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Founded in 2010 Maberry is a company, specialized in the manufacture of LED lighting solutions of any kind. It has completely dispensed from conventional lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps.

Born out of the problem that LED lights to date, even from reputable manufacturers do not meet the quality requirements of demanding customers' needs, Maberry has specialized in producing products that counter any criticisms of LED technology, such as durability, color and brightness.

A combination of puristic design, best materials and the latest LED technology identifies the products that are developed by Maberry from the first draft through to maturity phase.

In addition to our product range we also offer customized lighting solutions that are developed according to customers preferences and to the same quality standards as our existing products.

The company is located in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf. Here there is the development, assembly, shipping, service and sales of all products.