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From experience we know the high quality requirements of our lights, especially of our outdoor luminaires.

To guarantee this quality standard our products are tested under the most extreme conditions before they are being released. Some of these tests are unconventional in which we give a brief overview below.

Cold test :

Frozen in block of ice at -4°F

Frozen in dry ice at -130°F

Frozen in dry ice after one hour






LED- technology :

In the workmanship and choice of our LED components, we consistently focus on the highest quality possible. The following provides information about the processing of our LED products.

Service life :

One of the most important quality characteristics of LEDs is the lifetime. To achieve a long service life, it takes a lot of experience in the implementation and construction of the LED modules.

The aging of electronic components, in particular of light-emitting diodes is a function of the temperatures they are exposed to during operation. The higher the temperature of the component, the shorter the expected service life.

To adress this problem Maberry has developed an unique technique.

We use LED modules that have double the capacity that is actually being needed. Therefore the LED modules are only run at half their capacity, whereby the heat generation is reduced by a multiple.

This process ensures a minimum service life of at least 150.000 hours. Even after this period has expired, the module is not destroyed but continues to function, and still shines with at least 70% of its initial brightness.

Luminous color :

The color temperature of LED luminaires are specified in Kelvin (K). Our LED lights are normally supplied with a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin, which corresponds to the color of a normal halogen bulb.

The following light colors are available upon request for our lamps :

Output specifications :

In the past, our output specifications for LED luminaires referred to the system output of the LED and the power supply.

It appears, the specification of the LED output alone, as with other lamps, is becoming standard for the market. For this reason, in the future our instructions for use will provide both outputs, that is, the LED output and also the system output.

Quality tests :